Hymn Album

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聖 詩Hymn
101有福的確據 Blessed Assurance 173
102必有恩惠與慈愛Surely Goodness and Mercy 285
103求賜福屬主之家Bless Thou our Christian Homes, O Lord 544
104五旬節大權能The Power at Pentecost 88
105求聖靈光照Open My Eyes that I May See 78
106果受聖神洗未曾Baptized with the Holy Ghost 67
107懇求聖靈充滿Breathe on Me 77
108聖靈大降Pentecostal Fire Is Falling 87
109安慰師同在He Abides 89
110神之恩賜For Your Gift of God the Spirit 90
111救恩頌Saving Grace 195
112主之平安Christs Own Peace 383
113奇異大愛And Can It Be That I Should Gain 203
114吾母之祈禱My Mother’s Prayer 540
115請再將衪名告我Tell Me His Name Again 467
201光中前進Marching On in the Light of God 270
202走主道路Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord 249
203仁愛歌O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go! 177
204試鍊時光In the Hour of Trial 156
205苦中喜樂Joy in Sorrow 269
206誰在主一方Who Is on the Lords Side? 274
207主道得勝Triumph By-And-By 482
208面對面Face to Face 486
209信徒末日When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder 488
210名錄生命冊Is My Name Written There? 496
211何等喜樂How Great Our Joy! 338
212寶架清影Beneath the Cross of Jesus 346
213使我勿忘髑髏地Lest I Forget 354
214光榮屬救主Thine Is the Glory 361
215Receive Him Now
A01耶穌領我He Leadeth Me 125
A02我拋錨在耶穌I’ve Anchored in Jesus 99
A03耶穌知曉 Jesus Understands 102
A04神的應許What God Hath Promised 107
A05雲火柱The Cloud and Fire 98
A06倚賴與信從Trust and Obey 118
A07主欲我往何處則何處I'll Go where You Want Me to Go 97
A08恩友歌What a Friend We Have in Jesus 134
A09我將何以處耶穌How Would I Treat Jesus? 490
A10為主而活Living for Jesus 475
A11奇妙之愛Love Wonderful Love 183
A12負十字架Bearing the Cross 206
A13成就耶穌聖旨Thy Will I Follow 208
A14願更像恩主  More Like the Master 478
A15非為此世Not For This World 223
A16我心寧永安寧It is Well with My Soul 181
A17聽人祈禱之父O Thou that Hearest Prayer 234
A18聖靈Beloved Comforter 79
A19充滿我Fill Me Now 71
A20不止一次Not Only Once 448
A21耶穌愛人I Gave My Life for Thee 451
A22一切憂慮交主Casting All your Care upon Him 129
A23永遠之手臂The Everlasting Arms 120
A24深入神奧 Deeper in the Love of Jesus 492
A25如今更愛主My Jesus, I Love Thee 137
A26新詩 New Song 434
B01讚美歌Song of Praise
B02神的愛God's Love
B03靈磐庇佑Rocks Blessing
B04感謝神Thanks to God 286
B05求居我心中 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne 237
B07Be Joyful in the Lord
B08願主賜福保護你The Lord Bless You and Keep You 549
B09Rejoice in the Lord Always
B10詩篇 24Psalm 24
B11The Lord is My Light
B12I Want to Thank You, Jesus