Near the Cross

1榮耀歸神Glory Be to Godmp3
2聖哉聖哉聖哉 (第一調)Holy, Holy, Holy! (1st Tune)mp3
3聖哉聖哉聖哉 (第二調)Holy, Holy, Holy! (2nd Tune)mp3
4神之創造All creatures of our God and Kingmp3
5齊來謝恩We gather togethermp3
6天上之父Father of Heavenmp3
7全能真神Holy, Holy!mp3
8神之仁愛Behold, What Manner of Lovemp3
9創造奇功The Spacious Firmament on Highmp3
10快樂崇拜Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Theemp3
11讃美上主Praise to the Lord the Almightymp3
12讃美我真神We Praise Thee, O Godmp3
13榮耀歸於真神To God Be the Glorymp3
14我靈祝謝主Bless the Lord, My Soul!mp3
15諸天同頌Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Himmp3
16至高永生神King of Heaven, Lord Most Highmp3
17揚聲頌讃Come, Sound His Praise Abroad!mp3
18神之信實廣大Great Is Thy Faithfulnessmp3
19崇拜我王O Worship the Kingmp3
20永生神就是靈Immortal, Invisible God Only Wisemp3
21全能之神The Kingdom of Godmp3
22先賢之神God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Handmp3
23真神之愛The Love of Godmp3
24歸榮上帝哈利路亞Glory to God, Hallelujah!mp3
25善牧恩慈The King of Love My Shepherd Ismp3
26讚美天上君王Praise, My Soul, the King of Heavenmp3
27永恆之神God of the Agesmp3
28千古保障O God, Our Help in Ages Pastmp3
29我要讚主I Will Praise Himmp3
30大哉主聖名(第一調)All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (1st Tune)mp3
31大哉主聖名 (第二調)All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (2nd Tune)mp3
32大哉主聖名(第三調)All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (3rd Tune)mp3
33哈利路亞頌主寶血Hallelujah! Blood of Christ!mp3
34十架永遠得勝Hallelujah for the Cross!mp3
35我主我神Jesus, My Lord, My God, My Allmp3
36讚美救主I Will Sing the Wondrous Storymp3
37頌主聖羔Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songsmp3
38歌頌救主I Will Sing of My Redeemermp3
39祂是主He Is Lordmp3
40耶穌慈愛何其深O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesusmp3
41歌頌主聖名O For a Thousand Tongues to Singmp3
42你當歡欣Rejoice the Lord Is King!mp3
43耶穌在萬名上Jesus, Name Above All Namesmp3
44頌揚耶穌聖名At the Name of Jesusmp3
45哈利路亞歌頌耶穌Hallelujah! Sing to Jesusmp3
46基督是主Name of All Majestymp3
47耶穌是主Jesus Is Lordmp3
49敬聽主名Hear Now the Namemp3
50擁戴救主為王Crown Him with Many Crownsmp3
51主僕當頌讚Ye Servants of Godmp3
52宣揚我主大能Tell Out, My Soul, the Greatness of the Lordmp3
53主治萬方Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sunmp3
54道路真理生命We Come, O Christ, to Theemp3
55美哉主耶穌Fairest Lord Jesus!mp3
56讚美耶穌Praise Him! Praise Him!mp3
57只有耶穌Jesus Onlymp3
58主愛永不改變Sweeter as the Years Go Bymp3
59榮耀歸主名Glorious Is Thy Namemp3
60主真偉大How Great Thou Art!mp3
61虔誠崇拜Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silencemp3
62救主奇愛My Saviour's Lovemp3
63主名何等甜美How Sweet the Name of Jesus Soundsmp3
64上帝之權Power from Godmp3
65聖靈降臨Holy Spirit, Come In!mp3
66聖靈之能Almighty Spirit of Godmp3
67果受聖神洗未曾Baptized with the Holy Ghostmp3
68求聖靈降臨我心Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heartmp3
69聖靈在心Spirit, Dwell Within Memp3
70求聖靈降臨O Holy Spirit, Come!mp3
71充滿我Fill Me Nowmp3
72求聖靈充滿我O Holy Spirit Breathe on Memp3
73願聖靈來臨Come, Holy Spiritmp3
74賜聖靈Send the Firemp3
75求聖靈進我心Breathe on Me Breath of Godmp3
76主賜聖靈The Holy Spirit Givenmp3
77懇求聖靈充滿Breathe on Memp3
78求聖靈光照Open My Eyes that I May Seemp3
79聖靈Beloved Comfortermp3
80安慰師是否已來居住Has the Comforter Come to Abidemp3
81聖靈已來The Holy Spirit Has Comemp3
82福雨滂沱Showers of Blessingmp3
83五旬節之大能The Pentecostal Powermp3
84求聖靈進居我心Come, Thou Burning Spirit, Comemp3
85等待在主前Waiting On the Lordmp3
86此是今日為我眾This Is the Day for Us Allmp3
87聖靈降臨Pentecostal Fire Is Fallingmp3
88五旬節大權能The Power at Pentecostmp3
89安慰師同在He Abidesmp3
90神之恩賜For Your Gift of God the Spiritmp3
91美妙恬靜Blessed Quietnessmp3
92曾否令聖靈擔憂Have I Grieved Thy Holy Spirit?mp3
93賴主拯救Weeping Will Not Save Me!mp3
94上帝必供給我所需The Lord will Supply All Our Needsmp3
95主永遠不棄我手He'll Never Let Go My Handmp3
96足我所需He Is All I Needmp3
97主欲我往何處則何處I'll Go where You Want Me to Gomp3
98雲火柱The Cloud and Firemp3
99我拋錨在耶穌I've Anchored in Jesusmp3
100主實踐其應許He Keepeth His Promisemp3
101聖徒如兵A Soldier of the Crossmp3
102耶穌知曉Jesus Understandsmp3
103主啊我信Lord, I Believemp3
104主不變更The Lord Will Never Changemp3
105時刻需主I Need Thee Every Hourmp3
106耶穌保護Safe In the Arms of Jesusmp3
107神的應許What God Hath Promisedmp3
108耶穌是良醫The Great Physicianmp3
109主必預備The Lord Will Providemp3
110耶穌是我磐石The Solid Rockmp3
111注望耶穌Fix your Eyes upon Jesusmp3
112我靈得勝My Soul Will Overcomemp3
113耶穌良友The Lily of the Valleymp3
114救主為我Christ for Me!mp3
115賴主保護A Shelter in the Time of Storm!mp3
116我有牧者乃耶和華The Lord's My Shepherdmp3
117凡事交主Fully Trustingmp3
118倚賴與信從Trust and Obeymp3
119我能倚I Can Trustmp3
120永遠之手臂The Everlasting Armsmp3
121知所信從I Know Whom I Have Believedmp3
122天父必看顧God Will Take Care of Yoump3
123先賢守信Faith of Our Fathersmp3
124我靈鎮靜Be Still, My Soulmp3
125耶穌領我He Leadeth Me!mp3
126負主十字架I Have Taken Up the Crossmp3
127神路實最美好God's Way Is the Best Waymp3
128只要相信Only Believemp3
129一切憂慮交主Casting All your Care upon Himmp3
130主永屬我Mine, Still Minemp3
131盡託耶穌I Left It All with Jesusmp3
132真心及全心True-Hearted Whole-Heartedmp3
133主內永無失望No Disappointment in Jesusmp3
134恩友歌What a Friend We Have in Jesusmp3
135愛主更深More Love to Thee, O Christmp3
136與主接近Nearer, My God, to Theemp3
137如今更愛主My Jesus, I Love Theemp3
138主時刻相近Moment By Momentmp3
139永活救贖主I Know that My Redeemer Livethmp3
140求主親密同行Just a Closer Walk with Theemp3
141沒有難成的事Nothing is Impossiblemp3
142因主活著Because He Livesmp3
143主是我奇妙救主He's a Wonderful Saviour to Memp3
144主必答應禱告The Lord Will Answer Prayermp3
145救主我良友What a Friend Thou Art to Me!mp3
146居於主愛Dwelling in Lovemp3
147詩篇四十二首Psalm 42mp3
148因信得安息My Faith Has Found a Resting Placemp3
149永恆盼望My Hope Is In the Lordmp3
150主有能拯救Able to Delivermp3
151我知誰掌管前途I Know Who Holds the Futuremp3
152主是堅固保障A Mighty Fortress Is Our Godmp3
153耶穌不改變Yesterday, Today, Forevermp3
154我知誰掌管明天I Know Who Holds Tomorrowmp3
155注目仰望耶穌Turn Your Eyes upon Jesusmp3
156試煉時光In the Hour of Trialmp3
157慈愛善牧Shepherd of Lovemp3
158敬拜我主I Worship Theemp3
159跟隨我主Where He Leadsmp3
160信靠耶穌真甜美'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesusmp3
161我心靈充滿榮光My Heart Is Filled with Glorymp3
162耶穌同在就是天堂Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heavenmp3
163耶穌聖名The Name of Jesusmp3
164我心靈充滿歌頌My Soul is Filled with Singingmp3
165一雀不忘Even a Bird Is Not Forgottenmp3
166平安蘊藏Hidden Peacemp3
168在園中In the Gardenmp3
169其名其言其路His Name, His Word, His Waymp3
170耶穌真愛The Lord Comes to Bethanymp3
171獨自與耶穌Alone with Jesusmp3
172日日讚主Every Day will I Bless Theemp3
173有福的確據Blessed Assurancemp3
174快活日子O The Happy Day is Comingmp3
175信徒是王子輩The Child of a Kingmp3
176神聖純愛Love Divine, All Loves Excellingmp3
177仁愛歌O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go!mp3
178喜主愛我Jesus Loves Even Memp3
179安居於自由Living in Freedommp3
180主賜優美曲調In My Heart there Rings a Melodymp3
181我心靈永安寧It is Well with My Soulmp3
182你心靈有無歌聲Is there Music in Your Heart?mp3
183奇妙之愛Love Wonderful Lovemp3
184安寧出於神Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Lovemp3
185我有優美曲調在心中He Keeps Me Singingmp3
186歡樂甜美之日Some Glad Sweet Daymp3
188我實不解I Cannot Tellmp3
189事主得福樂It Pays to Serve Jesusmp3
190歡喜講及耶穌I Love to Tell the Storymp3
191來就救主Come to the Saviourmp3
192主拯救我He Lifted Memp3
193我已找到快樂之途I've Discovered the Way of Gladnessmp3
194榮光滿我心Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soulmp3
195救恩頌Saving Gracemp3
196愛主更多More and More!mp3
197主耶穌仁者之樂Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Heartsmp3
198我為何歌頌耶穌Why Do I Sing About Jesusmp3
199靠近天父心Near to the Heart of Godmp3
200奇異恩典Amazing Gracemp3
201思慕耶穌Jesus, the Very Thought of Theemp3
202平安在我心Constantly Abidingmp3
203奇異大愛And Can It Be That I Should Gainmp3
204主看顧麻雀His Eye Is on the Sparrowmp3
205耶穌安居我心Jesus, I am Restingmp3
206負十字架Bearing the Crossmp3
207至耶穌來Till Jesus Comesmp3
208成就耶穌聖旨Thy Will I Followmp3
209遵行主之聖旨Doing His Willmp3
210捨所有而從主Leaving All to Follow Jesusmp3
211營盤中有罪Is There a Sinner in the Camp?mp3
212由此復興Thus Revivalmp3
213世事無定Life's Uncertaintiesmp3
214作工至到主來We'll Work Till Jesus Comesmp3
215義慈問答The Unfruitful Treemp3
216各宜盡份Your Missionmp3
217憑主意行Have Thine Own Waymp3
218收穀入倉Bringing In the Sheavesmp3
219忍耐等候Wait and Murmur Not!mp3
220各宜預備Shall You? Shall I?mp3
221儆醒待主Will Jesus Find Us Watching?mp3
222若主今日再來What if It Were Today?mp3
223非為此世Not For this Worldmp3
224當去做工To the Workmp3
225神旨最美God's Will Is Bestmp3
226暗後必光Light After Darknessmp3
227救主永生I Know that My Redeemer Livesmp3
228救主引導All the Way My Saviour Leads Memp3
229慈光引導Lead, Kindly Lightmp3
230主愛無雙His Matchless Lovemp3
231華美日Beautiful Daymp3
232求救主引導Lead Me, Saviourmp3
233在我旁Be Thou Nearmp3
234聽人祈禱之父O Thou that Hearest Prayermp3
235聖潔而求Take Time to Be Holymp3
236主念及我Thou Thinkest, Lord, of Me!mp3
237求居我心中Thou Didst Leave Thy Thronemp3
238禱告良辰Sweet Hour of Prayermp3
239與主偕行O Master, Let Me Walk with Theemp3
240日日求主Every Day, Every Hourmp3
241求主察看Search Me, O Godmp3
242靈友歌Jesus, Lover of My Soulmp3
243主溫柔導我Lord, Kindly Lead Me!mp3
244教會復興Even Me, Even Memp3
245求神帶領Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovahmp3
246我願傳主和平佳音Make Me a Channel of Your Peacemp3
247聽主微聲(第一調)Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (1st Tune)mp3
248聽主微聲(第二調)Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (2nd Tune)mp3
249走主道路Teach Me Thy Way, O Lordmp3
250憑信仰望My Faith Looks up to Theemp3
251求主掌舵Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Memp3
252永恆之君前導Lead On, O King Eternalmp3
253道成肉身O Word of God Incarnatemp3
254擘生命餅Break Thou the Bread of Lifemp3
255奇妙聖經Oh, Wonderful Word!mp3
256主話語是明燈Thy Word Is a Lampmp3
257主言豐盛Thy Word is Like a Garden Lordmp3
258聖經真理普世宣揚An Open Bible for the Worldmp3
259謝賜聖經Thanks for the Biblemp3
260舉十字架旗The Banner of the Crossmp3
262大戰時The Fight Is Onmp3
263耶穌是我元帥Jesus Is My Commandermp3
264奮起歌Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesusmp3
265奮勇齊呼號Sound the Battle Crymp3
266信徒精兵Onward, Christian Soldiersmp3
267萬世爭戰The Conflict of the Agesmp3
268效聖徒盡忠The Son of God Goes Forth to Warmp3
269苦中喜樂Joy in Sorrowmp3
270光中前進Marching On in the Light of Godmp3
271在得勝之中On the Victory Sidemp3
272得勝歌Fling Out the Bannermp3
273主真理永得勝His Truth Is Marching Onmp3
274誰在主一方Who Is on the Lord's Side?mp3
275憑信得勝Faith Is the Victorymp3
276歌頌靈魂釋放The Song of the Soul Set Freemp3
277藉恩得勝Victory Through Gracemp3
278信徒迎主Come, Ye Thankful People, Comemp3
279什一歸神There'll be Showers of Blessingmp3
280齊來謝主Now Thank We All Our Godmp3
281應當謝主Thank the Lordmp3
282感恩頌讚Hymn of Thanksgivingmp3
283感謝主Thank You, Lordmp3
284細數神恩Count Your Blessingsmp3
285必有恩惠與慈愛Surely Goodness and Mercymp3
286感謝神Thanks to Godmp3
287謝主犧牲大愛Saviour! Thy Dying Lovemp3
288獻上頌揚感謝心For the Beauty of the Earthmp3
289歡欣歌唱Rejoice Ye Pure in Heartmp3
290我以何物獻主What Shall I Give Thee, Master?mp3
291完全奉獻Take My Life, and Let It Bemp3
292我盡獻所有All to Jesus I Surrendermp3
293我把所有壇上獻My All is On the Altarmp3
294救主衣裳The Hem of His Garmentmp3
295主之大能手臂Thine Arm O Lord in Days of Oldmp3
296將過約但On Jordan's Stormy Banksmp3
297華美之地That Beautiful Landmp3
298福地Beulah Landmp3
299天堂美地Sweet By-And-Bymp3
300大廈在天堂Mansions in Heavenmp3
301罪惡必不能到彼Sin Can Never Enter Theremp3
302我大眾去到天堂When We All Get to Heavenmp3
303銀絃將見破斷Some Day the Silver Cord Will Breakmp3
304這世界非我家This World is Not My Homemp3
305家在那邊The Home Over Theremp3
306日落的那邊Beyond the Sunsetmp3
307完美福地There is a Land of Pure Delightmp3
308黃金之都Jerusalem the Goldenmp3
309無比的榮耀O That Will Be Glorymp3
310神的教會O Church of God!mp3
311郇城頌Glorious Things of Thee Are Spokenmp3
312教會唯一根基The Church's One Foundationmp3
313安息日The Lord's Daymp3
314神的日子This is the Daymp3
315平安佳日O Day of Rest and Gladnessmp3
316我等敬拜王We Worship Our Kingmp3
317耶穌降生Room For Theemp3
318救主降臨Sing It Out with a Shoutmp3
319親愛小客Dear Little Strangermp3
320平安夜歌Silent Night, Holy Nightmp3
321小伯利恆O Little Town of Bethlehemmp3
322誕生佳音Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Mornmp3
323聖誕佳音The First Noelmp3
324新生王Hark! The Herald Angels Singmp3
325普世歡騰Joy to the World!mp3
326燦爛晨星Brightest and Bestmp3
327齊來崇拜歌O Come, All Ye Faithfulmp3
328宣揚好福音Tell the Storymp3
329救主降生Earth has Many a Noble Citymp3
330這位奇妙嬰孩是誰What Child Is This?mp3
331空中天使歌唱There's a Song in the Air!mp3
332三博士We Three Kings of Orient Aremp3
333夜半歌聲It Came upon the Midnight Clearmp3
334大衛城中Once in Royal David's Citymp3
335馬槽歌Away in a Mangermp3
336神賜歡樂God Rest You Merry, Gentlemenmp3
337慶祝聖誕In Bethlehem 'Neath Starlit Skiesmp3
338何等喜樂How Great Our Joy!mp3
339君王誕生The Birthday of a Kingmp3
340牧人看守羊群While Shepherds Watched Their Flocksmp3
341天使歌聲Angels We Have Heard on Highmp3
342以馬內利降臨O Come O Come Emmanuelmp3
343古舊十架The Old Rugged Crossmp3
344救主流血歌Alas! and Did My Saviour Bleedmp3
345在架前At the Crossmp3
346寶架清影Beneath the Cross of Jesusmp3
347主為何死Ask Ye What Great Thing I Knowmp3
348萬古磐石Rock of Agesmp3
349神之羔羊我眾前來Lamb of God Our Souls Adore Theemp3
350主戴荊冕O Sacred Head, Now Woundedmp3
351為我受傷Wounded for Memp3
352主為我死Jesus was Slain for Memp3
353明悉主之奇愛Oh Make Me Understand Itmp3
354使我勿忘髑髏地Lest I Forgetmp3
355救主復活Jesus Lives!mp3
356基督復生Christ Arosemp3
357歡迎主復活Welcome, Happy Morning!mp3
358復活良辰The Day of Resurrectionmp3
359基督復生歌Jesus Christ Is Risen Todaymp3
360耶穌復生Christ the Lord Is Risen Todaymp3
361光榮屬救主Thine Is the Glorymp3
362戰爭完畢The Strife Is Overmp3
363主戴榮冕The Head that Once was Crownedmp3
364光榮景象Look, Ye Saintsmp3
365無量光榮All Glory, Laud, and Honourmp3
366主必快來He's Coming Soonmp3
367耶穌再來Jesus Shall Come Againmp3
368主將快來The Lord Is Coming Soonmp3
369主再降臨Coming Againmp3
370主不久再臨The Lord will Soon Comemp3
371將至矣Jesus Is Coming Soonmp3
372基督再來Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descendingmp3
373耶穌快再來Jesus Is Coming Againmp3
374燦爛之黎明Some Golden Daybreakmp3
375當主來時When He Shall Comemp3
376新年禱歌For Thy Mercy and Thy Gracemp3
377光陰荏苒又到新年Another Year How Swiftly Comemp3
378新年來臨Another Year is Dawningmp3
379新年頌讚Great God, We Sing That Mighty Handmp3
380與主同在Still, Still with Theemp3
381清晨頌Golden Breaks the Dawnmp3
382求主同在Abide with Memp3
383主之平安Christ's Own Peacemp3
384日影西沉Day Is Dying in the Westmp3
385晚禱歌An Evening Prayermp3
386宏開盛筵My God and Is Thy Table Spreadmp3
387奇妙十架 (第一調)When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (1st Tune)mp3
388奇妙十架 (第二調)When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (2nd Tune)mp3
389救主慈容Here, O My Lordmp3
390遵主恩言According to Thy Gracious Wordmp3
391靈魂牧人Shepherd of Soulsmp3
392歸榮救主Glory to His Name!mp3
393吹起號筒Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow!mp3
394主全代償He Paid in Fullmp3
395快樂日O Happy Day that Fixed My Choicemp3
396天上鐘聲Ring the Bells of Heaven!mp3
397潔罪活泉The Fountain of Cleansingmp3
398寶血聖泉There Is a Fountainmp3
399完全的愛O Perfect Lovemp3
400婚姻詩The Marriage Hymnmp3
401迦拿婚筵Lord Who at Cana's Wedding Feastmp3
402主佑新家庭O Father, All Creatingmp3
403敬聽主恩言Hark, My Soul!mp3
404獨信賴主Only Trust Himmp3
405主召歸家Softly and Tenderlymp3
406盍趁今Why Not Now?mp3
407迎接救主Let the Saviour Inmp3
408耶穌恩召Jesus is Tenderly Callingmp3
409耶穌呼召Jesus Calls Us Over the Tumultmp3
410是否困倦身背重擔Art Thou Weary?mp3
411靜聽主聲List to the Voicemp3
412恩主在等待The Saviour Is Waitingmp3
413恩主已來The Master Hath Comemp3
414誰為我作工Hark! The Voice of Jesus Callingmp3
415是否無動於中Is It Nothing to You?mp3
417十架仍有地可容Room at the Cross for Yoump3
418接納耶穌Have You any Room for Jesus?mp3
419我來歌Just as I Ammp3
420助我親主Draw Me Nearer, Blessed Lordmp3
421求主恤憐Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviourmp3
422依傍十架I am Coming to the Crossmp3
423緊靠上主O For a Closer Walk with Godmp3
424信賴基督Come, Humble Sinnermp3
425主,我來就汝I Hear Thy Welcome Voicemp3
426白超乎雪Whiter than Snowmp3
427主耶穌我來Jesus, I Comemp3
428浪子歸家The Prodigal's Returnmp3
429我今歸家Lord I'm Coming Homemp3
430神之恩愛Wondrous Love!mp3
431歡喜大日不久至Happy Day will Soon be Heremp3
432天堂路中I Am on My Way to Heavenmp3
433已往盡蓋寶血之下Under the Precious Bloodmp3
434新詩New Songmp3
435神永遠之愛Everlasting Lovemp3
436神恩多加More to Followmp3
437太初之時In the Begginningmp3
438藉羔羊血Are You Washed in the Bloodmp3
439寶血之權能There is Power in the Bloodmp3
440十字架At Calvarymp3
441寶血之下Under the Bloodmp3
442至好朋友是耶穌The Best Friend is Jesus!mp3
443主愛我如此Because He Loves Me Somp3
444主如是寶貴於我He Is So Previous to Memp3
445何其變更O What a Change!mp3
446耶穌是全世界於我Jesus Is All the World to Memp3
447我已尋獲I Have Foundmp3
448不止一次Not Only Oncemp3
449上帝子使我自由Son of God He Set Me Freemp3
450耶穌良友你所需Jesus is the Friend You Needmp3
451耶穌愛人I Gave My Life for Theemp3
452雅各之梯Jacob's Laddermp3
453耶穌寶貝名The Precious Name of Jesusmp3
454耶穌寶血Jesus' Precious Bloodmp3
455獨有耶穌寶血Nothing But the Blood of Jesusmp3
456天門為我放開The Heavenly Gatemp3
457講述古福音Tell Me the Old, Old Storymp3
458世界真光The Light of the Worldmp3
459奇妙救主What a Wonderful Saviour!mp3
460生命之道Wonderful Words of Lifemp3
461自耶穌來居我心Since Jesus Came into My Heartmp3
462靠主拯救Saved, Saved!mp3
463愛拯救我Love Lifted Memp3
464傳佈救恩歌From Greenland's Icy Mountainsmp3
465主救亡羊Seeking to Savemp3
466主接罪人Christ Receiveth Sinful Menmp3
467請再將祂名告我Tell Me His Name Againmp3
468耶穌奇妙之救恩Wonderful Grace of Jesusmp3
469怎能如此And Can It Bemp3
470上帝愛世人God So Loved the Worldmp3
471主騎驢進城Ride On, Ride On in Majestymp3
472基督寶架In the Cross of Christ I Glorymp3
473在十字架Near the Crossmp3
474光照人前Let the Lower Lights Be Burningmp3
475為主而活Living for Jesusmp3
476莫從私慾Yield not to Temptationmp3
477愛惜光陰Work, for the Night Is Comingmp3
478願更像恩主More Like the Mastermp3
479你孤單麼Are You Lonely?mp3
481我靈奮興Arise, My Soul!mp3
482主道得勝Trumph, By-And-Bymp3
483我願從主I Will Follow Theemp3
484有大日將至There's a Great Day Comingmp3
485主來時當預備Be Ready when the Lord Comesmp3
486面對面Face to Facemp3
487所播者何所穫者亦何You'll Reap Whatsoever You Sowmp3
488信徒末日When the Roll Is Called Up Yondermp3
489加冕旒When the Battle's Overmp3
490我將何以處耶穌How Would I Treat Jesus?mp3
491我回憶髑髏處I Remember Calvarymp3
492深入神奧Deeper in the Love of Jesusmp3
493太遲Too Late!mp3
494你必須重生Ye Must Be Born Againmp3
495曾否預備迎接主Ready for the Lord?mp3
496名錄生命冊Is My Name Written There?mp3
497堅守陣地Hold the Fortmp3
498齊上郇山We're Marching to Zionmp3
499莫空手就主Must I Go, and Empty-Handedmp3
500神恩不斷He Giveth More Gracemp3
501景仰聖徒For All the Saintsmp3
502穩固根基How Firm a Foundationmp3
503往高處行Higher Groundmp3
504我寧願有耶穌I'd Rather Have Jesusmp3
505往普天下傳福音Go Ye into All the Worldmp3
506福音鐘聲The Gospel Bellsmp3
507義勇佈道歌O Zion Hastemp3
508我要宣揚是主信徒I'll Tell the World that I'm a Christianmp3
509作主聖民To Be God's Peoplemp3
510因耶穌聖名God Forgive Our Sinmp3
511照樣差你So Send I Yoump3
512傳福音至萬邦We've a Story to Tell to the Nationsmp3
513速發光Speed the Lightmp3
514我真驚奇I am Amazedmp3
515主活著He Livesmp3
516天父世界This is My Father's Worldmp3
517小小水滴Little Drops of Watermp3
518主愛小孩Jesus, Loved Each Little Childmp3
519天父常近God Is Always Near Memp3
520孩童禱告Jesus from Thy Throne on Highmp3
521孩童好友There's a Friend for Little Childrenmp3
522我願發光Jesus Bids Us Shinemp3
523耶穌珍寶When He Comethmp3
524救主要我作一光芒I'll Be a Sunbeammp3
525小孩感謝Can a Little Child Like Memp3
526孩提讚美Around the Throne of God in Heavemp3
527耶穌愛我Jesus Loves Me!mp3
528美麗光明物 (第一調)All Things Bright and Beautiful (1st Tune)mp3
529美麗光明物 (第二調)All Things Bright and Beautiful (2nd Tune)mp3
530青年向上I Would Be Truemp3
531立願歌Just As I Am, Thine Own to Bemp3
532生活如光God Make My Life a Little Lightmp3
533常講誠實話Always Speak the Truthmp3
534學像耶穌Lord I Want to Be a Christianmp3
535再相會God Be with Yoump3
536聖徒相愛Blest Be the Tiemp3
537孝親歌Honour Thy Parentsmp3
538吾母之聖書My Mother's Biblemp3
539慈母歌To the Yearly Seasonsmp3
540吾母之祈禱My Mother's Prayermp3
541快樂家庭神居其間Happy the Home When God Is Theremp3
542家庭良友Friend of the Homemp3
543快樂家庭奉聖善主為至尊O Happy Home Where Thou Art Lovedmp3
544求賜福屬主之家Bless Thou our Christian Homes O Lordmp3
545求賜福這屋Bless This Housemp3
546世界和平Let There Be Peace on Earthmp3
547主禱文The Lord's Prayermp3
549願主賜福保護你The Lord Bless You and Keep Yoump3
550新耶路撒冷The New Jerusalemmp3
551讚美詩其一Doxology Imp3
552讚美詩其二Doxology IImp3
553讚美詩其三Doxology IIImp3